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Student of computer science at the University of Virginia. I love music, reading, and coding. Check out my stories!
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My goal was to code a web scraper to identify if an item for purchase on a particular site was in stock, and then send an email notification to my inbox to tell me if it is. The item I wanted was currently out of stock. …

  • The top 50 songs separated into columns describing their attributes.
  • The artists, danceability, energy, key, loudness…

Nolan Harris, University of Virginia

The Problem:

In the United States, over 100 million adults are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. 30 million people, about ⅓ of that population, are diabetics. Unfortunately, there are many people in this population who are unable to afford the medicine and supplies necessary to stay healthy, and in some cases, remain alive. These large numbers are important to note, but can often be dehumanizing to the individual lives…

Data Science in the real world

My first published ML project

The Question:

Using the 2014 to 2016 2k ratings to aid a machine learning model to produce its own player ratings, can we compete the two against one another and more accurately predict the 2016 NBA playoffs than simply using the 2k ratings?

The First Step: Using BeautifulSoup to web scrape NBA 2k data.

A nice clean file of 2k is practically non-existent. So, I made my own.

Nolan Harris

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