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Student of computer science at the University of Virginia. I love music, reading, and coding. Check out my stories!

This was seemingly a simple project at first, but after having to overcome a few difficulties I ended up having a great learning experience from a tough challenge. Here is a tutorial I’ve created (loosely, but hopefully thoroughly enough to help you) to follow along with and build your own!

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My goal was to code a web scraper to identify if an item for purchase on a particular site was in stock, and then send an email notification to my inbox to tell me if it is. The item I wanted was currently out of stock. …

In this project, I looked to explore some questions I had regarding the top songs on Spotify. Obviously, there are answers out there I could have looked up and would have drawn more conclusive evidence from. Spoiler: I did, but only after I tried to find out these answers by myself.

Is there any specific song characteristic that makes the number one song distinctly different from number 50?

Spotify Top 50 2018 from Kaggle :

The data set includes:

  • The top 50 songs separated into columns describing their attributes.
  • The artists, danceability, energy, key, loudness…

Nolan Harris, University of Virginia

The 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials take place on February 29 in Atlanta, Georgia. Ahead of the event, I sat down with my friend and roommate Chase Weaverling to talk about the race, his buildup, and his everyday life. I chose to write a short story/interview about it.

Some background: Chase graduated from UVA in 2018, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He trains now with the Reebok Boston Track Club here in Charlottesville, VA and is a barista at Shenandoah Joe Coffee.

I learned something through creating this. One, how proud I am of Chase and how much I look…

First, I am not a diabetic. I have friends who are, but I was never fully enlightened to the challenges many diabetics face until I completed a start up project this last semester.

The Problem:

In the United States, over 100 million adults are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. 30 million people, about ⅓ of that population, are diabetics. Unfortunately, there are many people in this population who are unable to afford the medicine and supplies necessary to stay healthy, and in some cases, remain alive. These large numbers are important to note, but can often be dehumanizing to the individual lives…

Data Science in the real world

My first published ML project

First, I would like to introduce myself in my first Medium article.

Hello! My name is Nolan Harris and I am an undergraduate CS and Statistics student at the University of Virginia. This is my first real ML and web scraping project and I am really happy with how it turned out. Please provide feedback regarding any of my code, my methods, etc. as I am always looking to learn new things (especially since I am newly exposed to this)!

The Question:

A nice clean file of 2k is practically non-existent. So, I made my own.

Starting with this site, I used…

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